Moroccan Deco

Welcome to Habibi Interiors. We specialise in all aspects of Moroccan decor, and can help you to create a unique space which reflects the best of Moroccan style. Working with architects, interior designers and private individuals alike, we combine contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship to produce a unique Moroccan effect. For an interior design which is authentically Moroccan, and which offers the warmth, colour and texture that defines this style of decor, look no further than Habibi.

We are proud to be the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Moroccan hand-crafted tiles. To ensure that our products are of the finest quality, we have a dedicated workshop in Fes, where our authentic Moroccan tiles are produced by master artisans. These tiles are hand-cut, and then hand-painted or chiselled to create a truly beautiful finish. Our tiles and panels can be customised to any colour combination and size, meaning that our clients can enjoy the freedom to design an interior space which is unique to them.

In addition to our exceptional tiles, we also have an extensive range of Moroccan products, including lighting and washbasins, as well as beautiful doors, fountains and fireplaces. In fact, we can supply bespoke pieces for almost every area of the home, all of which can be made to measure and customised to your specification.

Moroccan decor is distinctive, colourful, striking and stylish, and if you want to bring the vibrancy of Morocco to your next interior design project, or to your own home, we recommend that you visit one of our showrooms in London to see what we have to offer and to speak to our expert team.